Tuesday, April 23, 2013

David Stratton,我的Kieslowski啟蒙導師

At the Movies,澳洲權威影評電視節目,由Margaret Pomeranz和David Stratton聯合主持。最近一集,在The Classic環節,回顧了Krzysztof Kieslowski的Camera Buff

我91年初從香港移民澳洲,記得89或90年的香港電影節已放映他i的十誡,但當時不知他是誰,錯過了。到了澳洲,看David Stratton的介紹,才知道有此高人,從此墮入Kieslowski的光影世界...

David Stratton是我的電影導師。當年他已是白頭翁一名,今天還是。


關於David Stratton作為我的Kieslowski啟蒙導師,在N年前的一篇舊文註腳曾經提及:

I first encountered Kieslowski's films in the early 1990s when living in Australia. SBS, a publicly funded broadcaster originally envisaged to provide news and entertainment to those whose mother language is not English, offers lots of non-English art films. I remembered on every Thursday, it would show a "Movie of the Week". An old gentleman, David Stratton, would spend a few minutes introducing the film to the viewers. David's opinions are always objective, concise and unpretentious. I learnt a lot from him. He also co-hosts a programme called The Movie Show.

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