Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kieslowski on the Net (Feb 2007 edition)

There are hundreds of Web pages on Krzysztof Kieslowski and his films. I can only read those in English or Chinese though. Occasionally I use an online translater to read pages in other languages.

A lot of Kieslowski Web pages in English have become inactive in recent years. However, the number of Kiwslowski Web pages in Chinese is still rising.

A few good starting points:
Polish Culture profile
Rotten Tomatoes

Despite not being updated anymore, Krzysztof Kieslowski and His Films is still a resourceful site on Kieslowski.

Kieslowski Web Network has a collection of relevant links. However, most of the links are dead.

Kino Kieslowski has long been the most active K-site on the Net. Nevertheless, activity has dropped substantially since mid-2004. The chat page has just died.

Some other Kieslowski sites:
Krzysztof Kieslowski (Doug Cummings, Senses of Cinema)
A Tribute to Krzysztof Kieslowski (Jae-Yeon Jung)
Krzysztof Kieslowski (Sharon Ben-Arie)
Krzysztof Kieslowski (Musicolog)
A Short Website About Kieslowski
Krzysztof Kieslowski (Channel 4 Film)
Krzysztof Kieslowski (Acquarello, Strictly Film School)
Kino Kieslowski - The Life and Films of Krzysztof Kieslowski's Journal
Veronika's World (Alexandre Fabbri)

You must go to Remembering Krzysztof, by Piotr Jaxa for his photos of Kieslowski. (For more, go to Kieslowski Gallery)

Although not a Kieslowski site per se, Zbigniew Preisner is worth visiting for Kieslowski-related material.

IrenKa, the Double Glance is in French and awkward to navigate, but it has a wealth of up-to-date information on Kieslowski (and Irene Jacob, and The Double Life of Veronique).

【心靈小憩】 ─ 影像先知 ─ 奇士勞斯基,少數的中文奇氏網站,內有多篇縱論及奇氏作品的導覽和感想。

劉小楓 《沉重的肉身—現代倫理的敘事緯語》 (新浪網 讀書頻道)
- 「性感、死感、歌聲」(《薇娥妮卡的雙重生命》)
- 「愛的碎片的驚鴻一瞥」(總論奇斯洛夫斯基)
- 「艱難的自由倫理」(《十誡》的倫理觀)

沒有歸宿的靈魂─奇士勞斯基的人文悲劇電影(一) | (二) | (三) | (四) | (五) | (六) | (七) | (八) | (九) | (十) | (十一)(宋國誠,破報)


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

L'enfer lacks subtlety

L'enfer (Hell) is the second installment of the "Heaven, Hell, Purgatory" trilogy conceived by the late Krzystof Kieslowski and his long-term screen writing partner Krzystof Piesiewicz.

Unfortunately, when Kieslowski died in March 1996, only the script of Heaven (later directed by Tom Tykwer) was largely finished. The script of Hell was written by Piesiewicz, in consultation with Agnieszka Lipiec Wroblewska.

Danis Tanovic, whose first feature-length film No Man's Land won him an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the best foreign language film, directed this project.

Hell looks very much like a Kieslowski film - the multi-layered plot, destiny vs. coincidence, colour-coded cinematography, an old woman trying to put a glass bottle into the recycling bin, you name it - but what it lacks is subtlety.

- The opening sequence involving bird hatching and the eggs
- The Professor's lecture on destiny versus coincidence
- Anne's elaboration of the allegory of Medea

It gives me the impression that the director and screen writer try their very best to make sure that you understand the film.

Of the three sisters, the story of the loveless and lifeless Celine is in one way the most successful, but in another way the most absurd. Celine's misunderstanding of the intention of the stranger, who eventually would reveal the truth behind her family tragedy, was handled in a farcical way I think.


Trivia: Emmanuelle Beart, who played the eldest sister Sophie in L'enfer, also starred in the 1994 film of the same title, directed by Claude Chabrol. In the earlier L'enfer, the husband was paranoid about the wife's infidelity. In the later L'enfer, it was the other way round.

Friday, February 02, 2007



  奇斯洛夫斯基的《情戒》,就是要為這樣的偷看翻案,使這背了千古罵名的行為得到世人的理解,乃至頌揚。影片說的是一個身心初醒的大男孩,愛上了對面樓窗裡的一個成熟女人,不分晝夜地用望遠鏡偷看她,偷看她的美麗與熱情、孤獨與痛苦。當這女人知道了這件事後,先是以不恥的目光來看他。幸而這是個善良的女人,善良使她看見了大男孩的滿心虔誠。但她仍以為這只是性的萌動與飢渴,以為可以用性來解救他。但當她真的這樣做了,大男孩卻痛不欲生,驚慌地逃離,以致要割腕自殺。為什麼呢?因為他的期待遠不止與性啊!他的期待中,當然,不會沒有性。其實身心初醒就像剛剛走出了伊甸園,感到了誘惑,感到了孤獨,感到了愛 ──這靈魂全面且巨大的吁求!性只是其一部分啊,部分豈能代替整體?尤其當性僅僅作為性的解救之十,性對那整體而言就更加陌生,甚至構成敵意。大男孩他說不清,但分明是感到了。他的靈魂正渴望著接近那浩瀚的音樂,卻有一種籌謀──試圖把復雜的沉重解救到簡單的輕盈中去的籌謀,破壞了這音樂之全面的交響。




Kieslowski at Sundance

Just learnt that among the 196 films selected for this year's Sundance Film Festival, one was "David Wain's spoof of the Polish master Krzysztof Kieslowski's The Decalogue" - The Ten.

The Bay Area Reporter article gives an excerpt from a scene in which a once-married couple re-unite by chance in the park:

"How is Liz doing?"

"Oh, we broke up. She was too young. I caught her cooking the books. How's Jim?

"No, it didn't work out. His penis was too big. It was great for a while. God! So great! Sometimes I just think about him and I have a little orgasm."

Below is a video clip of a film critic talking to the director and a few actors of The Ten. Wain describes the film as "quite similar to the Decalogue except for that its much shorter and really stupid."

Can't say I am looking forward to watching this re-re-interpretation of the Ten Commandments, which will be theatrically released in North America later this year.

The Ten site