Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weronika's World

Weronika's World is one of the few Kieslowski sites that are still active these days.

According to Alexandre Fabbri, "Weronika's World was created to look at the kind of questions that Kieslowski was asking in his films."

He has also just started a blog (The Blog of Weronika's World), with Discussion on the non-documentary films of Krzysztof Kieslowski as the inaugural entry.


  1. Thanks Joe for your mention of my website Weronika's World and of my new blog.

    It seems to me that at the moment there is a general apathy towards Kieslowski. I think he would have despaired. Kino Kieslowski (http://www.petey.com/kk/chat.html) for example was quite active until about two years ago but today is fortunate to get a post every two weeks.

    The Vancouver Film Festival helped spark some interest in Kieslowski's films by screening virtually all of Kieslowski's films including the documentaries during the first half of September.

    Also, a number of smaller cinema arthouses in Europe including France and the UK have shown the re-release of The Double Life Of Veronique this year which had the same effect.

    Since 1991, I have collected a fair bit of information on Kieslowski and his films including location details such as the name of the hotel that Veronique and the puppeteer stayed in, the restaurant near the Gare St Lazare in Paris where she meets him, the various side streets in Krakow, etc., but then my friend Alain Martin in Paris surprised me last May when he sent me a copy of his book of The Double Life Of Veronique: Au Coeur Du Film De Kieslowski.

    It is literally packed with interesting facts about the film and Kieslowski's techniques and I would recommend anyone interested in the film to get hold of a copy.

    The only thing is, it is written in French although I did suggest to Alain back then that I could help if he wanted to get a section translated into English. So at the moment it remains an ongoing project. On the other hand, the book is filled with unseen-before polaroid and colour photos.

    Well, I need to shoot off now but I'll mention finally that I did find an interesting poem on a blog this morning which I hope to publish on my website once I've contacted the author.

    Do widzenia!

  2. In an entry written in September last year (Kieslowski buried and forgotten?), I said, "The year of his death marked, more or less, the coming of age of the internet. Web sites devoted to the director mushroomed. ... But gradually, many such sites were no longer maintained/updated and forum no longer frequented by fans. Some of them simply disappeared. If 1996 was the year Kieslowski was buried, would 2006 be the year he is forgotten, at least in a web sense?"

    Let's hope not. The web needs more Kieslowski enthusiasts like you.


  3. I've added today the latest Krzysztof Kieslowski film events taking place (through October to November 2006) in Boston, St. Louis, CINEMANIA Montreal, Seattle, POZA Hartford and RIDM-9 Montreal to my website at Weronika's World.

  4. Irene Jacob has apparently agreed to star in the film The Beautiful Changes written by M.Ruggiero and Anthony Vitucci. The movie is in pre-production, scheduled for release in Spring 2008.